Brighter Future For African Restaurant (Taste Africa)

Jamal preparing food

As 2017 gives way to 2018, the Jambo team is hard at work reflecting on our first eight months, as well as what it means to us to be an African restaurant. We started Jambo to create a new kind of unique restaurant experience built on the idea that food is at its best when combined, remixed from many influences. Minneapolis and the United States are awash in ethnic restaurants, Mexican; Chinese; Thai; Korean; Ethiopian; Somali and many more. Kitchen culinary cultures are constantly learning from and building upon each other’s classic flavor combinations. The Burrito, America’s most popular dish, was born in Northern Mexico before making its way over the border where it grew in size and started to rice inside for the first time. Food moves as conversations flow between cultures.

When you visit Jambo you taste Africa in all its splendor, diversity, and richness. Your Jambo meal is an extension of that melange of cultures on the African continent with a hint of the centuries-old links Africa has with Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Unique flavors made accessible defines the Jambo experience including an upbeat yet productive ambiance as a cafe restaurant.


We have been thrilled at the response to our culinary mission.

  • Yelp recently awarded Jambo Kitchen the 2017 “People Love Us On Yelp” award.
  • We have a 4.8 out of 5 rating on Facebook
  • Googlers rate us 4.5 out of 5 in their online reviews
  • Nearly 40,000 orders in less than eight months of opening
  • Full-service catering services for several thousand people in events large and small throughout the Twin Cities
  • Guests from as far as Woodbury, Lino Lakes, and Apple Valley with a surprise visit on Christmas Eve from some Jambo fans from Toronto, Canada!
Guests enjoying our patio when the weather was warmer.

A deepening relationship with the University of Minnesota and Augsburg University communities. We look forward to being your go-to campus corner deli for affordable, healthy food with a flavorful taste of African cuisine. 

  • Partnered with 180 Student Consulting group over two semesters to help us better understand and tailor our offerings for a brighter future.
  • Catered for many student groups both at the University of Minnesota and Augsburg University. We offer a good go-to tasty restaurant menu, affordable catering service option for meetings, conferences, events, as well as other activities and functions including wedding catering menus.
  • A burgeoning delivery service to campus buildings and residence halls, and we a favorite event catering company for students We offer delivery for only $1.50 per order. Free delivery for orders over $20. Students can use Pocket Points to get free delivery!
  • A new exciting partnership with a student-led effort to facilitate more study groups. Stay tuned for the launch in February.

As a campus corner store university deli, we are committed to offering the campus community a high-quality corner deli menu and restaurant food at affordable prices. Students always get 10% off their order.

A great start on our social mission and a more promising future.


  • Jambo Kitchen is proud to one of many local companies that give back to charity
  • We quietly piloted our Give 20 initiative. Give 20 is an effort to support the eradication of hunger and food insecurity and reduce food waste. Net Impact, a Carlson School of Management student group, helped us further refine the concept. Give 20 will be launching soon. Stay tuned.
  • Food donations to feed the homeless, support local dance troupes, and to feed hungry student filmmakers. Where possible we look forward to giving back in large and small ways.
  • Partnered with the Minnesota Internship Center Charter High School to bring our Twin Cities Food Academy to underemployed and unemployed youth ages 15-24. Participants will learn to not just be hospitality workers but become hospitality leaders. Stay tuned coming in 2018!
  • Every day, every year Jambo Kitchen gives 50% of profits to support community lending, financial education, and empowerment for immigrants and minorities in the Twin Cities. First and foremost we are a social venture. 
  • Instead of always wondering and asking yourself, “What charity should I donate to?”, just come eat at Jambo and we’ll take care of the rest.


What to look forward to from Jambo as we work towards building a brighter future in 2018

Catering spread
One of our catering spreads complete with sambusas.

An improved kitchen culinary experience.

We know that many of you love Jambo and our food, but we also have heard your suggestions for improvements. Rather than rest on our laurels, we brought in Chef Roble Ali and Adam Banks to conduct an audit of our culinary operations. You might have seen Roble and Adam on Bravo, Dr. Oz, the View and many other places. With their help we have tweaked many of our recipes and processes to improve consistency, flavor, and speed of service. These changes will be rolling out slowly over the first quarter in 2018.

Our Food Truck

Hitting the Twin Cities streets as soon as the weather warms up from frigid to cold. Please contact us at to book the truck for your event or company or use our food truck finder.

Sauce Bar with new and improved sauces

We are introducing new and improved recipes for our sauces. But, more importantly, we are putting the creativity in your hands to mix and match sauces to create your own unique Jambo dish. Coming in February 2018.

Boda-boda sightings throughout the Twin Cities

In case you haven’t heard, we deliver! We look forward to rapidly expanding our local organic food delivery area. Want Jambo to deliver to your area? Let us know on social media, via email at, or in person at the restaurant.


Taste Africa in all its splendor. Order from Jambo today! We are your go-to African restaurant throughout the Twin Cities. Come to us or we can come to you. 

  • We Cater

Why Cater from Jambo?

  1. Unique flavors and culinary experience
  2. Fresh, local food
  3. 50% of our profits reinvested into community lending, financial education, and other efforts to economically empower disenfranchised communities

Visit our website or email to get your order started.


  • We Deliver

Visit our website or give us a call at 612.354.7251 to make your order.  Delivery is just $1.50 per order or free for any order over $20.

  • We Host Events, Parties

Looking for a space to host your party or event this holiday season?

Jambo has the best deal in town. Order food and get the room for free! We’ve hosted classes, birthday parties, conferences, and presentations in our large and small room. You will find all the audiovisual equipment you need to ensure an excellent event.

We can handle party sizes up to 50 people depending on the setup.

Make your selection from our catering menu. Schedule your date and time with our catering manager.  We will work with you to help you spice up your holiday party. We love parties at Jambo and look forward to helping to make yours memorable.

  • We Care

Remember that Jambo is a social venture restaurant. 50% of our profits are reinvested into community lending, financial education, and other efforts to economically empower disenfranchised communities. You are not just getting great food, but you are supporting a higher purpose.

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