Our Mission

Community Investment through Loans and Financial Education

50% of our profits are reinvested in community programs helping the most vulnerable Minnesotans better themselves and their families. There is always more to do. Consider supporting our other efforts by eating at Jambo! or donating directly to our programs.

Empowering Youth with Lifelong Skills

Help others help themselves. Donate to support our youth workforce development programs. We provide local youth opportunities learn more than just culinary arts, but a holistic food industry curriculum to create a strong foundation for employability.

Eradicating Hunger One Meal at a Time

Give 20 project is an initiative we started to raise money for hunger and awareness of the problem of food waste. 10-20% of food purchased out of the home is wasted. Food waste from farm to table costs nearly $165 billion in America, yet 1 in 5 of our fellow citizens go to bed every night not knowing where their next meal will come from. Donate directly to our partner hunger programs locally or order one of our Give 20 menu items at the restaurant. We donate 20% of food waste saved to hunger programs for each item ordered.

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