Warm Up The Holidays With Kenyan Samosas and Tea


There is no better way to warm up the winter holiday season than a dose of African comfort food. Jambo’s team believes food brings us together. The holidays more so than other seasons binds families, loved ones, friends, and colleagues in the enjoyment of amazing food! Whether in the restaurant, at your event or home, or on the street at our food truck the smiles, laughter, and togetherness our food brings is our reward. At Jambo, we are committed to providing to best food catering services to keep that party going, or bring comfort and new memories to your next family gathering. Tis’ the season for festive parties, dinners, and gatherings, and you are taking steps to throw the perfect holiday party (woohoo!).

You’re looking at some food for thought holiday party ideas in Minneapolis to throw a party that no one will forget. Way to go – we’re rooting for you! And… we’ve got you covered! You are planning to throw a great holiday party on a budget that everyone will enjoy and Jambo is here to help. Your secret weapon this holiday season in your party planning are our highly popular food catering services, free party and event space rental services (seriously, you only pay for the food to book our space). Don’t tell anyone, but the one ingredient to a memorable holiday party in the Twin Cities – Kenyan Sambusas.

The African samosa (or otherwise known as sambusa), a small triangular dough deep fried to a golden brown and filled with a savory blend of spiced meat or vegetables makes for very good finger food. Samosas originated in India and East Asia, and they have become a favorite throughout the Middle East and the African Diaspora so today there are many African samosa recipes.

Why sambusas this holiday season? This savory, flavorful pastry is a perfect companion to steaming hot cup of Kenyan tea. You get this tea room experience daily at Jambo, but why not bring it to your holiday party? Sambusa or samosa differ according to a few variables: dough for the cover, filling, and the oil used to fry them. Samosas come in different samosa shapes and different samosa recipes. Kenyan sambusas borrows heavily from Indian samosas with different fillings. Kenyan sambusas are thinner and crispier than traditional Indian samosas. At Jambo, we have chicken sambusa, beef sambusa, and vegetarian sambusa made with a unique filling of sweet potatoes and spinach. If you haven’t tried our Kenyan sambusas before, you’re in for a treat! This appetizing pastry food are entirely addictive and fun to snack on as the perfect complement to any party or dinner.

Why Cater from Jambo?

  1. Unique flavors and culinary experience
  2. Fresh, local food
  3. 50% of our profits reinvested into community lending, financial education, and other efforts to economically empower disenfranchised communities

As you gather around nourishing food with people to celebrate the warm spirit of the holidays, may we all also spread the holiday warmth and cheer by giving back to local communities in Minneapolis. These Kenyan sambusas will be sure to spice up your holiday party this year as you and your guests munch on some delectable sambusa treats.

Looking for a space to host your party or event this holiday season?

Jambo has the best deal in town. Order food and get the room for free! We’ve hosted classes, birthday parties, conferences, and presentations in our large and small room. You will find all the audiovisual equipment you need to ensure an excellent event.

We can handle party sizes up to 50 people depending on the set up.

Make your selection from our catering menu. Schedule your date and time with our catering manager.  We will work with you to help you spice up your holiday party. We love parties at Jambo and look forward to helping to make yours memorable.

Our Warmest Holiday Wishes,
Jambo! Kitchen Team

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